Make Tonight a Sushi Night

Sushi is a staple food in Asian and Japanese culture. The raw fish has long been used in cuisine in the country but over the years has ventured out around the world. As result, people around the world love to eat sushi. If you’ve never experienced the exotic tastes of sushi, why not book a reservation at matsuhisa aspen and make that first time sooner instead of later? You’ll soon discover what you’ve been missing in the great tastes that sushi brings your way.

Types of Sushi

Dozens of types of sushi is out there for you to try. If one type doesn’t suit your taste, try again because each sushi type has its own unique flavors and attributes. Some of the most common types of sushi include:

·    Makizushi

·    Temaki

·    Narezushi

·    Sasa Zushi

This obviously isn’t a complete list of the types of sushi, but a sampling of the most common types that people eat. Why not be bold and try a few different options during your first experience?

What Does Sushi Taste Like?

Sweet, sour, and salty come together in each bite of sushi. Nothing is overpowering when you at sushi, but it all comes together to create a unique, flavorful experience that you’ll want to enjoy more often. Some people say that it tastes similar to tuna, while others give sushi a lighter fish flavor. The taste of the sushi all depends on who prepares it and the techniques they use to prepare the raw fish. Proper preparation is imperative to create a great-tasting sushi. When dining out, choosing a restaurant that specializes in sushi is best, since this ensures you get a unique, flavorful fish that the taste buds love.

Health Benefits of Eating Sushi

Not only does sushi have a great flavor, it also contributes a plethora of amazing health benefits in your direction. Some of the perks you’ll enjoy when eating sushi include:

·    Sushi is an excellent source of iodine, which prevents problems with the thyroid

·    Healthy proteins and carbohydrates help you better manage our weight.  Sushi is nearly oil free and loaded with these nutrients so you may even find that you lose a few pounds too.

·    Loaded with antioxidants that keep the skin healthy and inflammation-free.

matsuhisa aspentypes of sushi

·    Can reduce stomach irritation and could prevent cancer

·    High in Omega-3 fatty acids

·    Add years to your life span

·    Excellent source of iron, which the body needs to stay strong and healthy

The health benefits associated with sushi are tremendous. You can eat sushi 2-3 times per week if you’d like. The more that you eat sushi, the more benefits that you will receive. If keeping yourself fit and healthy is important, sushi can help you accomplish success.

Sushi is a delicacy that you’ll appreciate as well as so many others have over the years. Find a great restaurant that offers a menu if sushi, heed their recommendations, and love the newfound tastes that explode in your mouth when its sushi on your plate.

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