5 Tips to Plan a Great Baby Shower

Planning a great baby shower is essential to make mom smile and that’s important! Although there can be a few hiccups in the planning process, there’s numerous ways to eliminate any difficulties to ensure that the event goes down with success.  Use the five tips below to plan the perfect baby shower for that special mom-to-be in your life.

1.    Choose a Theme: If you know the sex of the baby, be sure that some of the decorations are in the coordinating colors. Then, choose a theme for the event, whether the b=mom to be is a fan of Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, balloons, or other decorations.

2.    Plan the Menu: The menu at the baby shower should include a variety of foods to accommodate the tastes of each person present at the event. Make sure there’s desserts included on the menu as well. Everyone loves to snack on delicious gourmet cookies atlanta after they eat!

3.    Invitations: Invitations can make or break the baby shower. Make sure the time is taken to create outstanding invitations that make guests want to attend the event. This is the start of many memories in the making!

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4.    Don’t Wait Until the last Minute: When you wait to plan the event at the last minute, you’re going to rush through things and won’t get half the enjoyment that you otherwise would enjoy. Plan the baby shower as well in advance as possible.

5.    Entertainment: Every great baby shower has an abundance of entertainment from start to finish.  Make sure there is plenty of games and entertainment to enjoy when the baby shower rolls around.

Planning a great baby shower is simple when the five tips above are implemented into the day. Use this information to your advantage!